Rottweiler puppies for sale in Missouri.
The puppies are growing like crazy! I swear they double in size Daily.  I have one male and one female that are just HUGE, they are double the size of the rest of the litter.   They are all starting to develop personalities.  My favorite is the largest male, he's so laid back and just loves his chest scratched, it really gets his back leg to thumping..hehehe..and the rest of the puppies are very familiar w/ their teeth!  but my big boy he doesn't feel the need to chew on you he just wants his chest scratched.   My daughter has a favorite girl she plays w/ first and last when it's puppy play time.  She has her trained to ride in the wagon and that pup loves it! she never tries to jump out and yesterday i saw her go over and get in the wagon by herself!  She says OK lets GO!  I have 2 weeks to find them all homes before my vacation so tell your friends and your friends friends!  Super sweet babies need loving forever homes still!  The first of the pups will be going to their new homes this weekend
Tina Lovell
7/21/2011 07:22:46

Are you able to ship a puppy by plane? I live in WV, but think that your puppies are aforable. They actually look happy!

7/21/2011 08:45:00

I'll have to check into the cost of shipping. I'd rather not ship but it's probably something I could do at your expense of course.

7/22/2011 14:43:10

After checking into shipping, I don't feel it's really anything I want to do at this time. I'm getting so many calls on them I don't expect them to last long. 2 left me today.

9/24/2012 08:45:54

Nice info bro


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